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Error message for RS models


Probable Cause/Event Corrective/User Action
Base Problem - Robomow fails to enter the Base Station several times continuously. - Adjust the Base Station position.

- Clean the contacts with a brush or piece of cloth.
Bumper Pressed - Bumper is constantly being pressed. - Move mower away from object that presses against the bumper.
Check Inactive
- Too many Inactive Days and/or Hours have been set for your lawn area. Current settings will not be changed.

- Mowing Frequency is too high for current settings of Inactive Time. The Inactive Time settings will be set to defaults.

- Area setting is too high for current settings of Inactive Time. The Inactive Time settings will be set to defaults.
- Decrease the number of Inactive Days and/or the
number of Inactive Hours to allow Robomow to complete mowing your lawn.

- Decrease Mowing Frequency (see Section

- Decrease Area setting
Check Mow
- Mowing motor has faced an over-current for
too long as a result of high grass or an obstacle that is stuck or wrapped around the blade.

- Something is preventing a blade from rotating freely. Severe grass accumulation under the mowing deck; rope or similar object wrapped around mowing blade.
- CAUTION – Switch off the Safety Switch before checking the blades.

- Inspect blades for foreign material or debris preventing rotation.

- Clean out accumulated grass clippings using a wooden stick.
Check Power - Power Box is not plugged properly into the main Power Box. - Confirm Power Box is plugged into the main power plug socket.
  - No power to plug socket or main power is shut off. - Turn power on to the main plug socket.

- Check the mains supply using another appliance.
  - The mower or Charging Station contacts are dirty. - Clean the contacts with a brush or piece of cloth.
  - Charging is not detected, although there is physical contact between the mower and the Base Station contacts. - Confirm a good connection of the Power Box to the
Base Station.
Cross Outside - The Perimeter Wire is too close to the edge.

- The lawn slope is too big.

- Robomow does not succeed to turn in place at the edge and it causes the mower to slip out of the area.

- Robomow has slipped out of the Perimeter Wire lope because of slopping area or wet grass.
- Remove the wire towards the inner side of the lawn.

-  Do not include area with very steep slopes.

- Fill holes and pits in the ground.

- Increase the cutting height.
Drive Overheat
- The drive motors have been working under a severe load for too long. - No need to do anything.

- Robomow will renew the operation automatically as soon as the drive motor will cool down.
Front Wheel
- The Front Wheel has left the ground for too long time during operation. - If Robomow has driven onto an obstacle, raising the front end:
Remove or exclude the object from the mowing area.
    - If Robomow is being used on a slope too steep for safe mowing:
Exclude this from the mowing area.
    - If High grass is preventing the front wheel from fully riding on the ground:
Raise the cutting height.
    - If the ground contains large holes or indentations where the front wheel can drop into when passing across:
Fill these areas with dirt and level off.
Handle Lifted - The handle is lifted while trying to start the operation - Push the carrying handle down back to its position to enable automatic operation.
Key Pressed - One of the operating panel buttons is constantly pressed. - Press      to confirm the message and to continue operation. This message is displayed to inform only.
Keys Locked - Child Lock feature has been activated. - Press the       button and then press the     button. Child Lock can be deactivated under the Settings menu.
Mow Overheat cooling… - The mowing motor has been working under a severe load for too long of a time. - No need for action – Robomow will renew automatically the operation, as the mowing motor will cool down.
No wire signal - Power Box / Perimeter Switch is not turned on or not connected to the zone intended to mow.

- Power Box may need to be restarted

- The Perimeter Wire is not connected to the
Base Station / Perimeter Switch.

- The Perimeter Wire is cut.
- Make sure the Base Station is connected to the mains supply.

- Disconnect the Power Box from the mains power and reconnect after 10 seconds.

- Check the Perimeter Switch is connected to the correct zone and is turned on.

- Check the connection of the Perimeter Wire to the Base
Station / Perimeter Switch.

- Check for cut in the Perimeter Wire.
Rain detected - The operation is delayed as Robomow detects rain.

- Robomow should resume operation 30 minutes after it stops to detect the rain.
- No need for action

- The message is displayed as longs rain/humid conditions are detected by Robomow. Mowing will start automatically.
Raise Mowing
- TurboMow mode has been activated. - It is recommended to raise mowing height before
starting the mower in TurboMow mode. Refer to sections
3.1 and 4.3.7 in the User Manual.
Recharge battery - The maximum operating time has been reached (displayed in non-Base Station zone).

- Mower is searching for the Base Station but the battery voltage is too low to continue the searching process.
- Connect the charger to the mower or place it in the Base
Station for charging.

- Drive the mower manually using the remote control or carry it by hand for charging in the Base Station.
Start elsewhere - Drive wheel motors have been working under a severe load during automatic or manual operation. - Check to insure the mower is not stuck, allowing the drive wheels to slip.

- Check the ground around the mower for holes or indentations. Fill with dirt and level off.

- Check if the drive wheels are free to rotate and nothing blocks them.

- Remove the mower away from this particular location and restart operation.
Start inside - Automatic operation is initiated while the robot is placed out of the Perimeter Wire loop. - Place the mower inside the lawn and press the button.
Stuck in place - Robomow got stuck in place. It cannot continue driving. - Check the ground for holes or indentions, where the mower has stopped and fill it with dirt and level off – especially in the area close to the perimeter, where the Robomow turns in place.
  - Robomow has difficulty to turn in place because the front wheel is blocked by a hole or indentation. It caused the mower to turn in place without detecting wire or bumper. - Verify that the area is not too steep.

- Work mainly in dry conditions.

- Check if the Perimeter Wire is not too close to the edge
– remove if required.

- Verify that the mowing deck is not set too low.
Sub-Zone X Problem - Sub-Zone 1/2/3/4 entry problem.

- The mower either fails to leave / bypass the Base Station on its way to the Sub-Zone, or fails to enter the Sub-Zone.

- The mower will try to reach the Sub-Zone every two hours. If the mower fails to reach the Sub- Zone within three attempts, it will stay in the Base Station until the end of current mowing cycle.

- The mower will not skip to the next Sub-Zone (if there are any), if it fails to reach the current one.
- Try to start manual mowing (refer to section 4.5 – Manual Operation). Check if something disturbs mower’s driving backwards and/or bypassing the Base Station. Confirm the mower drives along the perimeter
wire and doesn’t fall off the lawn’s edge, when it departs from the Base Station.

- Confirm that the mower is able to follow the perimeter wire along the narrow pass until it reaches the Sub- Zone. Refer to section 2.2.2 for instructions on how to set a narrow pass properly.
Switch off before lifting - The user carries Robomow manually while the
Safety Switch is On.
- Switch Off the Safety Switch before carrying Robomow.
Waiting for Signal

- Robomow has stopped the operation: it does not detect a signal.

- Check the power to the Power Box.

- It may be an electrical power interruption. There is no need to do anything. Robomow will renew operation as soon as power is back.