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Robomow Alexa Skill – Quick Start Guide


Robomow Alexa skill allows you to give voice commands to your Robomow using an Amazon Echo device.

Compatibility requirements:

  • Requires UDP GSM module or RoboConnect (+)
  • Requires Robomow RX or Robomow RC/RS from 2018+ configuration

How to get started:

  • Create your Robomow account using MyRobomow or Robomow App. Supply the serial number of the robot you're going to operate using the Alexa skill
  • Get you Alexa device. Navigate to alexa.amazon.com and create your amazon account
  • Select language (English UK, English US or German) and follow the instructions to setup your Alexa device (including connecting it to a WiFi network).
  • Navigate to Skills -> search for "Robomow" skill there:


  • Click on the skill and press 'Enable' button to enable the skill. You will be asked to link the skill with a Robomow account. Note! - the account linking window may be automatically blocked by your browser. Allow popups from this site, press "Disable Skill" and then try to enable it again. This time a new browser window with the account linking interface should open:


  • Use your MyRobomow account credentials (see item #2 above) to link the skill to Robomow account. Press 'Login' button. Your Amazon Echo device is now ready to operate the mower.
  • Make sure your Robomow mower is ready (docking in the base, mowing or idle in the lawn).
  • Try the Alexa commands from the table below:


Please note: The feature is not available in every country. You need to check with your amazon account.