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How to select RoboZone Signal Type?


1. The default Signal Type is A.

2. Signal Type swapping is suggested in these cases:

  • Adjacent lawns - the distance between nearby yards is less than 2m (6.5 ft.)
  • External Interferences - the robot signal is influenced by foreign transmissions

3. To start Signal Type selection, press the ON/OFF button for at least 10 seconds until an orange wire indicator will start to blink:


4. The number of blinks (1/2/3) represents the signal type (A/B/C): One single blink is for signal type A,      2 blinks are for signal type B and 3 blinks are for the signal type C. The blinks will repeat every 5 seconds:


5. Every push on the ON/OFF button will change signal type:


6. To quit the Signal Type selection mode press the ON/OFF button for 10 seconds or wait 20 seconds until the system quits automatically:


7. Note that the selected Signal Type on the mower and on the RoboZone must be indentical. Please see the user guide for instructions on "How to change the Signal Type" on your mower.