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What to do if the App 2.0 does not connect to the robot?

Please follow these instructions step by step:

  • Close the APP 2.0 completely, even from the background
  • Delete the mower from the Bluetooth device list on your smartphone
  • Turn Bluetooth off and on again
  • Pull the mower out of the charging station and press the OK or GO button for 4 seconds until the  display  goes out and comes on again (RX restart: press "Go" for 2 seconds)
  • Set the time and date again
  • Restart the Robomow App 2.0

If these steps are unsuccessful, take the following actions:

Start by checking the BLE communication between your smartphone and the robot. Download the following applications from iTunes or Google Store. For the IOS download, it is the "Light Blue" app. For the Android download, it is the "nRF UART v2.0" app. Run the application.

APP 2.0 shows Moxxxx (where xxxx stands for the last 4 digits of the robot's serial number). If the serial number of the robot is RC14131580004, "Mo0004" should be displayed.