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How do I change advanced settings in my Robomow RC?

The Advanced Settings are additional menu options that are not changed very often and thus are not included
in the Basic Settings.

• To change any option/feature in the Advanced Settings, press the ‘Settings’ button continuously for 3 Sec.
• Menu ‘P001’ is displayed. Use the arrows to scroll to the setting you want to change and then press OK.
• Use the arrow button to change the setting and press OK to confirm.
• Scroll to change additional menu options or press STOP to go back to the main display.

Below are the Advanced Settings options:

Screen Setting Options Notes
P001 Mowing Frequency (all/ by zone) 1
• Controls the Interval (frequency) between mowing cycles.
• Higher frequency creates shorter growth periods. Lower frequency allows for longer grass growth periods.

• The numbers in the menu represent the following values of mowing frequency:

1 – LOW (one mowing cycle in a week)
2 – MEDIUM (two mowing cycles in a week)
3 – HIGH (daily mowing with accordance to Inactive Time)

• The default mowing frequency is Medium (equivalent to two mowing cycles in a week). It means
that Robomow will complete the entire mowing of your lawn twice a week.
• During off-season when the growth rate of the grass is slower, it is recommended to change the Mowing Frequency to Low. This resting period helps the grass and prolongs the lifetime of the mower.
• High fertilization and favorable weather conditions may cause the grass to grow faster. In such cases set the ‘Mowing Frequency’ option to High (equivalent to daily mowing).
• The ‘Mowing Frequency’ option is only available for zones where a base station is installed (see menu P013)
P002 Islands On/ OFF • In case there is a large perimeter island (a swimming pool, a pond, a large flower bed, etc.) in a
particular zone, it is recommended to set this setting to On. This will prevent the mower from following the wire around such island, while returning to the Base Station.
• When the Islands feature is set to On, the mower will execute a special method of searching for
the Base Station. As a result it may take the mower longer time to arrive to the Base Station.
P003 Near Wire Follow on/off On/ OFF • When Robomow completes its operation, or when the ‘Home’ button
instructs it to Go To Base, it drives itself to the Base Station.
• Robomow drives along the Perimeter Wire with a dynamic offset (not
centered) to prevent wheel tracks along the same path. This return
behavior can be turned off.
P004  Max Near Wire Follow Distance  2-12 • The maximum distance Robomow will drive from wire when returning
to the Base Station.
• The distance does not represent actual units of measurement.
• The offset Distance values range from 1 to 12. They represent
different distances from the wire.
• The higher the Distance setting, the smaller the probability of tracks
along the perimeter.
• Perimeter Islands that are relatively close to the Perimeter Wire or
narrow passages may prevent the mower to complete its drive to the
Base Station in ‘Near Wire Follow’ mode. In such cases decrease
the distance to allow the mower to complete the drive to the Base
P005  Min Near Wire Follow Distance  1-7 • The minimum distance Robomow will drive from wire when returning
to the Base Station.
• The larger the number, the bigger the distance the mower will drive
from the wire while returns to the Base Station.
P006 Near Wire Follow Test  --- • Enables to test the mower in the max ‘Near wire Follow Distance’
that is defined in menu P004.
P007 Rain Sensor  On-OFF • The Rain Sensor feature halts operation on rainy or highly humid
• This is recommended for the health of the lawn. However, mowing
wet grass does not present any technical problem.
P008 Rain Sensor Sensitivity 1
• This menu defines Rain Sensor’s sensitivity.
• The numbers in the menu represent the following levels of sensitivity:
1– LOW
P009 Edge On/Off On-OFF • The Edge is a special mode, in which Robomow follows the perimeter
wire for complete and accurate owing of the lawn edges.
• In lawns where the edge is not maintained well and the mover fails
to complete the drive along the edge of the lawn, it is recommended
to set the Edge to ‘Off’.
• Setting the Edge to ‘Off’ disables the Edge mode in automatic
departures from the station, but still allows the Edge mowing when
pressing the ‘Edge’ mode button on the operating panel.
P010 Child Lock On/ OFF • The Child Lock feature locks the buttons to prevent unintended
operation, especially by children.
• If the Child Lock is set to ‘On’, to operate the mower it is required to
first press one of the operating mode buttons and then to press the
OK button to confirm.
P011 Anti-Theft  On/ OFF • The Anti-Theft feature alarms the surroundings in the event of an
unintended removal of the mower from its designated area.
• To turn the Anti-Theft On for the first time, set it to ‘On’ and choose a
PIN code of 4 digits.
Tip: Select a number you can remember. Write it down (bottom of
Chapter 10), and keep it in a safe place.
• When the Anti-Theft system is activated, 0000 will be displayed.
Enter your 4-digit code to deactivate the Anti-Theft.
• If the code is not entered, then the message is changed to U062
(Alarm will soon be activated). Enter the code, otherwise the alarm
will start.
P012 Anti-Theft Change PIN code 0000 • Allows changing of the Anti-Theft PIN code.
• Enter a new code and then re-enter the new code for confirmation.
P013 Base Station On/ OFF • This option should be used for a Separated Zone which has a
Base Station or when adding a Base Station to a model that does
not have one.
• If you have defined more than one zone, then select the relevant
zone before changing the setting.
      • Enables the addition of a Separated Zone.
P014 Add Separated Zone L2
• L2 is displayed for Separated Zone A – press OK.
      • Scroll to set the area of the Separated Zone and press OK.
P015 Remove Zone L2 • Enables the removal of a Zone.
• Choose the Zone you ant to remove and press OK.
P016 Sound  On-OFF • Use the Sound option to turn all non-safety sounds off.
P017 Mobile Communication System On-OFF • Enables remote communication with the mower using a GSM
Module Accessory, which can be purchased separately.
• For more information refer to Section 12 – Accessories.
P018 Statistics On- OFF • This menu is displayed only if P018 is set to ‘On.
• Enables to send the operation statistics from the mower to the
manufacturer for diagnostics in case of problems.
P019 Bluetooth Remote Control Paring --- • Enables the pairing process between your Robomow and
an outdoor Bluetooth Remote Control that is available as an
accessory (Refer to Paragraph 12 Accessories).
P020 Last Termination Event --- Enables special display behavior view
P021 Program On/Off All
• This menu enables or disables (pauses) Automatic Operation either in the main zone (‘L1’), one of the Sub-Zones (‘A1/ A2/ A3/ A4’) or in the entire lawn (‘All’).
• When Program is set to Off in a particular zone, the mower will skip the operation in that zone, but will continue to mow all the other zones.
• This menu is only relevant when the Automatic operation is enabled on the Power Box (see chapter 7.3)
• Note If Program is set to ON at least in one zone, the mower will continue to mow the edge of the entire lawn at the beginning of each mowing cycle, as described in Section 6.1.
p022 Add subzone A1 • Enables the addition of a Sub-Zone. Maximal number of Sub-Zones may be different for each Robomow model.
• A1/A2/A3/A4 (name of the first available sub-zone) is displayed - press OK.
• If the mower is not at the Base Station, then 'U044' (“Place the mower in the Base Station”) is displayed. Place the mower in the Base Station and press OK.
• The mower will start moving towards the Sub-Zone.
• Press 'STOP' button, when the mower is at any point beyond the Narrow Pass and inside the Sub-Zone (Entry Point).
• Scroll to set the area of the Sub-Zone and press OK.
• Note This process is not a part of the One-Time Setup (see Section 5.2)
• The area setting of a Sub-Zone can be later updated through the ‘Area’ menu of the Basic Settings (see Section 6.4.1)
• The distance to Sub-Zone’s entry point can later be update through menu P023
p023 Edit subzone A1 Edit subzone entry point distance
P024 Turn Setting Enable All
• Enables the unique Turn Setting feature.
• Turn Setting feature allows more efficient mowing operation through the smooth and continuous turns when reaching lawn’s edge.
• Please note!This feature may not be efficient in the same way in every lawn or in some parts of a particular lawn, especially if a lawn is small, or if it has narrow areas, big islands or slopes.
• When this feature is enabled for the first time in a particular zone, it may require the mower to cross the lawn and “touch” the perimeter wire several times (to perform an initial calibration of the algorithm), before it will start performing smooth turns at lawn’s edge.
• If there is more than one zone defined, then there is an option to enable this feature for a particular zone or for the entire lawn (‘All’).
P025 Turn Setting - edge overlap 0-30 Set the turn setting edge over lap in percentage
P026 Turbo Mow Enable On-Off • TurboMow feature allows faster and stronger mowing of a high grass during the first cut of the season.
• When a mower is operated for the first time, or if the Factory Defaults (“Out of the Box” settings - see Section 5.2) are invoked, this feature is automatically set to ON to provide better mowing results already after the initial mowing cycle. At the end of the initial mowing cycle, the feature will be automatically disabled (set to OFF).
• This menu allows to activate TurboMow feature manually. ‘U094’ (“Raise mowing height when activating the TurboMow mode.”) will be displayed. At the end of the cycle the feature will be automatically deactivated (set to OFF).
• When the TurboMow feature is activated, the initial mowing cycle will be longer and noisier than the following mowing cycles.
P027 RoboHome On-Off • Allows proper rain detection when RoboHome accessory is installed.
• When set to ON, Robomow will drive back from the Base Station to sense the rain before beginning an operation. If rainy conditions are sensed, Robomow will drive back to the Base Station and postpone the operation.
P028 External Base Off
• In case the Base Station is installed outside the perimeter of your lawn (“External Setup”, see section 3.2.3), this option sets the distance (in meters) from the Base Station that your Robomow needs to drive before starting to mow your lawn.
P029 Accelerometer 1
Accelerometer Sensitivity -
1 - Low
2 - Med
3 - High