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Robomow RX customers – upgrade now!

For the most up-to-date safety features and for better mowing results, Robomow strongly recommends upgrading to the latest software version.
It’s free of charge!


1. Which mower requires an upgrade? 

All Robomow RX mowers purchased in 2017. The serial number preceding RX1727… Software version earlier than v1.75.22.


2. How and where can I update the software version? 

- Do it yourself, contact us by email to get your free upgrader delivered directly to you at the address of your choice with the instructions of how to do it yourself from home.


3. Still not sure?

If you are unsure about your Robomow RX model or its current software version, please contact us.


We hope that the new functionality and features will make up for any inconvenience experienced by the upgrade.


Your welcome to contact our support via email