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The robot stops with a "Cross Outside" (E2) message

Q1 Check the most common reasons that caused the robot to "Cross Outside".
  1. Was the perimeter wire installed in an area that is too sloppy?
  2. Did it happen under wet conditions?
  3. Is there a difference in height between the grass and the edge of the garden?
  4. Is the perimeter wire installed too close to the edge?
  5. The wire is not set at 45 degrees at the corner, or it is set at 45 degrees, but at a very short distance from the corner.


Are all of the issues mentioned above OK?


If Yes – Proceed to Q2.

If No – Resolve the problem according to the instructions in the manual.


Q2 Is it a new installation or have changes been made to the lawn/installation cable lately?

If Yes – Proceed to Q3.

If No – Proceed to Q4.

Q3 Are you sure that the installation was made according to the rules of distance from a cliff, corner, narrow path, or adjacent lawn?

If Yes – Proceed to Q4.

If No – Recheck that the wire was installed according to the installation instructions in the Operating and Safety Manual, and correct where required.


Q4 Was the robot found completely off of the lawn?

If Yes – Proceed to Q5.

If No – Proceed to Q6.

Q5 Are there adjacent lawn(s) with a robotic lawn mower (regardless of what brand), or dog fence installation(s)?

If Yes – Proceed to Q8.

If No – Proceed to Q6.

Q6 Does it happen in a place near a corner/narrow pass?

If Yes – Proceed to Q7.

If No – Proceed to Q9.


Q7 Place the robot inside the lawn, in a location where it faces the place where it generated the error, then send it back to the Base Station.
Did the robot cross the wire?

If Yes – Recheck that the wire was installed according to the installation instructions in the Operating and Safety Manual and correct where required.

If No – Proceed to Q8.


 Here is the place where the robot generated the error. 



Q8 Ask your neighbor to plug out the mains to their robot (or dog fence) for one day, and operate Robomow in the closest area to the adjacent lawn. 
Does the robot cross the wire?

If Yes – Proceed to Q9.

If No – See article, The Mower Stops With A "Stuck In Place" Message.


Q9 Are there high voltage cables or iron nets buried in your lawn?

If Yes – Contact Robomow’s Hot Line for further verification whether this is a robot issue or your lawn cannot have a robotic lawn mower.

If No (or not known) – The robot needs to be taken to an Authorized Service Station for further analysis.