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I'm not able to connect to my mower with the Robomow App. What should I do?

  • Please make sure you’re running the latest available version of Robomow App. Update it if required.
  • Perform the preliminary checks listed in the table below:


Check to perform

Corrective Action



Android only: Are you trying to connect to a mower while it’s in operation (i.e. mowing or searching base)?

Android versions of the Robomow App cannot establish a connection with a mower during operation (mowing, edging or searching base), unless the mower has been upgraded to 2016 software version.


Is your mobile device compatible with the Robomow App?

See the compatibility requirements FAQ.


Is your mower compatible with the Robomow App?

See the compatibility requirements FAQ.


Is Bluetooth functionality on your mobile device is disabled or needs to be toggled?

Enable the Bluetooth functionality on the mobile device.

Switch it off/on to refresh the connection.


Is the mower switched off or asleep?

Confirm that your mower is switched on and awake (press any key on it to wake it up). The mower goes to sleep after being idle for 5 minutes (never when docking/charging).


Are you out of BLE range?

Make sure you’re within a range of a few meters from the mower.


Does the mower have an active BLE connection with another mobile device in range?

Close the Robomow App (or any other app that may have an active BLE connection with the mower) on any other mobile device that is in range.  A mower can be connected with only one mobile device at a time.



  • Please note that some re-connection issues may still occur. Most re-connection issues can be resolved by shutting the app down completely (by sliding it away from the list of recent apps) and opening it again. In several cases resetting the mower (switching the mower off-on) may also be helpful.