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When I try to register, I get a "Registration Failed" message. What does this mean?



Corrective Action


This serial number is already registered.

1)      The person, who is currently registered with the mower,  will have to delete his account (App Settings > Delete Account).

2)      Or you can try to register with exactly the same credentials as the other person did.

3)      If still happens, contact Robomow Hotline to confirm that your details are correct and updated in Robomow’s systems.


No internet connection.

Make sure there is a working Internet connection. Try again later.


The server is not responding.

Try again later.


The provided serial number is not recognized.

Make sure that the provided serial number is the correct serial number (including all characters and letters). The best way is to scan the serial number with you mobile device.


Some information about the serial number is missing.

Call Robomow Hotline for assistance


The provided email is recognized, but the password is wrong.

Use the same password you used before in any previous registrations in Robomow systems, or call the Robomow Hotline to reset the password.