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What safety features does Robomow have?

Child Lock: The Child Lock feature prevents unintended operation of Robomow by an accidental press of one of the buttons. Only pressing two buttons in a certain order will initiate the operation.


Anti-Theft / Disabling Device: The Anti-Theft / Disabling Device system provides the user with a disabling function that prevents anyone from using or driving the Robomow without a valid code. You will be prompted to enter a four-digit code of your choice, which you can use as your personal security code.


Lift Sensor: In the event the mower is lifted up from the ground during blade operation, the blade will stop rotating immediately.


Tilt Sensor: When the mower is tilted up towards a vertical position, the blade will stop immediately.


Obstruction Sensor: Robomow detects when there is an obstacle in its way during operation. When the mower collides with an obstacle, the mower stops the rotation of the blade immediately, then stops movement in that direction and reverses itself away from the obstacle.


Emergency Stop Button: Pressing the STOP button at any time during operation will stop both the mower and the blade immediately.


Safety Switch: Switching off the Safety Switch will prevent any operation of Robomow. You must switch this off before lifting Robomow, and before any maintenance is done.


Sealed Batteries: The batteries that operate Robomow are completely sealed and will not leak any type of fluids, regardless of their position.


Base Station / Perimeter Switch and Perimeter Wire:  Robomow cannot operate without a Perimeter Wire installed and activated through the Base Station / Perimeter Switch. In the event the Perimeter Switch is turned off or otherwise fails to function, Robomow will stop operating.