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Which Robomow model is most suitable for my lawn? What's the difference between Robomow models?

Selection Step 1 – “Area Capacity”:

The main selection criterion of a suitable Robomow model is the total area of your lawn. You can use the online tool to estimate this area. In most cases, there will more than one Robomow model that meets the lawn area criteria.


Selection Step 2 – “Lawn Occupancy”/”Lawn Availability”:

Another major selection criterion to be applied is “lawn occupancy” – the amount of time required by a particular model to mow your lawn. The mowing width is a major parameter that influences the pace of mowing and the time it will take a specific model to cover the lawn. The RS models have two big blades with a total width of 56 cm; the RC models have one big blade with a width of 28 cm. The RX models have one blade 18 cm wide.

So, in general, a RS -model finishes the job twice as fast as an RC model working on the same lawn. And the RC model mows faster than an RX model.
Click here to learn more about the various models and compare to choose the most suitable for you.



Selection Step 3 – Pro model vs. standard DIY model

The Pro models are intended for professional installation, while the DIY models include wire and pegs for self-installation.

In addition, the Pro models also include a built-in GSM.