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Will the mower cut the grass in rainy conditions?

Robomow can mow in rainy weather, but for the health of your lawn, we don’t recommended mowing wet grass. Since Robomow finishes the work faster than competing mowers designed for the similar sized lawns, it doesn’t have to mow in rain to be able to maintain your lawn. Instead, Robomow is smartly equipped with a rain sensor, which halts operation in rainy or highly humid weather.

There are many reasons why you should not mow the lawn when it's wet, including:

  • Disease spreads quickly when the grass is wet.
  • The mower can get clogged.
  • The Grasscycling is not good enough (mulching). Clippings tend to clump, which doesn't look good on your lawn.
  • It’s not fun for you and not good for the lawn either, since the clippings provide
    free fertilizer.
  • Damp grass is slippery and may cause the mower to slip and cause damage to the lawn.

In case a rainy or highly humid condition is detected by the Rain Sensor, it will signal to Robomow to halt current operation, and start searching for the Base Station. If rain is detected while Robomow is in the Base Station and an automatic operation is about to start, a “rain detected” message will be displayed by Robomow, and the automatic operation will resume 30 minutes after rain is no longer detected by the Rain Sensor.