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Why is my robot running around without mowing?

There are few reasons for the robot to stop mowing and start searching for the base station:

  • Rain detected
  • Mowing time completed
  • Inactive time
  • Recharge battery
  • Technical issue


There are two different behaviors when the robot is searching for the base station.


Island off:

Usually recommended for lawns without an island installation.

When the robot is searching for the base station mode, it will acquire the first wire it detects and follow it all the way to the base station.


Island on:

This is recommended for lawns with island installations. 

In rare cases, you may notice that the robot unnecessarily circles around a perimeter island when searching for the base station. The islands option helps overcome this situation. To avoid such cases, turn the Island feature On.

When the Islands feature is set to On, the robot will execute a special method of searching for the base station. As a result, it may take the robot longer to arrive to the base station.