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How do I fix a cut wire in the lawn?

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If the Perimeter Wire needs to be spliced, use the connectors supplied in the Robomow box. They are waterproof and give a reliable electrical connection.

IMPORTANT ! Before splicing the Perimeter Wire, disconnect the Power Box from the power outlet.


Option 1:

  • Strip 1 cm (0.5 inch) of each wire end together and twist the stripped ends using pliers.
  • Insert the twisted wires into the splicing connector.
  • Screw the wire connector on the twisted wires. Make sure it is tightly secured.

IMPORTANT ! Neither twisted cables nor a screw terminal insulated with insulation tape, are a satisfactory splice. Soil moisture will cause such conductors to oxidize and will later lead to a broken circuit.



Option 2:

  • Insert both wire ends in the connector at left-most and rightmost positions.
  • Confirm that the wires are fully inserted into the connector.
  • Use a pair of pliers to press down the button on top of the
    connector. The button should be fully pressed, without damaging the connector.